Landscapes (2012-2018)

I might have unknowingly been inspired by 'The Wanderer' when I took those pictures of mostly friends, in awe of unconstructed pieces of Earth.

Sleepers (2015)

The sleepers

Laundry China (2015)

While traveling through Northern China, having a glimpse into the intimacy of people's laundry gave me a sense of connection.

Blessures (2015)

I Live In A Forgotten Place (2008)

I lived in a chambre de bonne in Paris for many years. These are some photos of the staircase walls. I was the only one living up there, the other rooms were empty. The wall inscriptions seem to have been untouched for several decades.

Japan (2000)

Self-developed prints

Japan Scratched (2000)

I created these images by cross-developing a diapositive film, and scanning the negatives with a really bad scanner, the only one I had at hand in 1999.