Landscapes (2012-2018)

I might have unknowingly been inspired by 'The Wanderer' when I took those pictures of mostly friends, in awe of unconstructed pieces of Earth.

Der Arme Poet (2014, 2006, 2004)

«Der arme Poet» is a famous German painting that hung in our living room when I was a child. I lived myself in 7m² for seven years. The interior photos were taken in my 7m² Parisian 'apartment'.

Laundry China (2015)

While traveling through Northern China, having a glimpse into the intimacy of people's laundry gave me a sense of connection.

Banlieue (2011)

A bit of desolation in the banlieue east of Paris.

Who Put A Lamp There Anyway (2010)

Peur (2009)

Peur means fear in French. This is a the A9 highway close to Paris.

I Live In A Forgotten Place (2008)

I lived in a chambre de bonne in Paris for many years. These are some photos of the staircase walls. I was the only one living up there, the other rooms were empty. The wall inscriptions seem to have been untouched for several decades.

Non Place (2007)

Autobahn A9 (2006)

Berlin U1 (2004)

Bunker (2001)

Berlin Friedrichshain (2000)

Japan (2000)

Self-developed prints