Plattenpresswerk (2015)

Sleepers (2015)

The sleepers

Peche A Pied (2014)

In the Mont Saint Michel Bay, at low tide.

Cochons (2012)

Garagiste (2012)

Balade Au Port (2012)

Vinyl Cutting Dm (2010)

Bollards (2010)

I took these photos with Nicole Aistleitner in a suburb east of Paris. We had a lot of fun looking at the ways in which the French do not care much about physical obstacles that shall prevent them to park somewhere.

Synagogue (2010)

Wedding at the synagogue of Vincennes, women's side.

Chantier (2009)

Wimpel (2008)

Outdoor Sports Korea (2008)

Parisian Boat (2006)

Barcelona (2003)

Istanbul (2003)